About Us

Elephant In Our Room is a for-purpose organisation founded by a team of specialists with

combined backgrounds in peace psychology, conflict resolution, applied theatre and social research. 

We are passionate in bringing the conflict transformation practices 

to individuals, businesses and organisations across all sectors.  


We often encounter an ‘elephant in the room’ in our workplaces. This metaphor refers to an obvious, known problem or issue that is avoided or ignored due to being too big, too difficult, or too uncomfortable to address.   


​We believe that these ‘elephants’ can be positive and constructive, as valuable signs of underlying issues that should be addressed towards healthier work environments.



Elephant In Our Room is:

1. Professional

Our professional practice in the peace and conflict field is drawn on working with diverse organisations spanning several decades and countries. 

2. Ethical

EIOR is an independent, ethical and purposeful organisation. We do our best to encourage diverse knowledges and perspectives with respect, integrity and sensitivity, with acknowledgement to Indigenous people as traditional knowledge holders.

3. Non-litigious

Dialogue is core to our processes and design. We strive to offer an alternative approach to workplace conflict, and do not replicate the conventional legal approach. 

4. Creative

At the heart of the project is the use of creative techniques to address difficult conversations at workplaces.


5. Cost effective

Our consultancy offers competitive market rate. We commit 10% of profits to support enrolments from members of unemployed and marginalised backgrounds.


6. Applicable

Our workshops, coupled with one-on-one coaching sessions ensure you could apply practical skills needed at your workplaces.


7. Non-adversarial 

In response to the prominence of adversarial approaches to dispute resolution, EIOR seeks to invoke Socratic dialogic methods towards strengthening positive, harmonious workplace cultures.


8. Impactful

Testimonials from our clients have confirmed the impacts of workshops on them as individuals and organisations.

9. Sustainable

We and our approaches have the best interest to a long-term sustainable wellbeing of individuals and organisations. 



The 'elephant' metaphor encourages us to apply different lenses to address the challenges of workplace conflicts. Clearly, elephants shouldn’t be ‘in the room’ and the universal popularity of the elephant encourages us to be creative in how we address workplace conflict.

​Our development of creative approaches to conflict transformation approach draw on metaphor and symbolism and allow us to engage in difficult conversations beyond conventional conflict management approaches.


We apply a play-based approach to foster safe and engaging spaces to unpack and discuss challenges and dilemmas in our workplaces. Our goal is to instil confidence, skills and knowledge in navigating these ‘elephants’ from individual to organisational levels.


We apply dialogue methods, practical tools, and reflective practice to identify, address, and transform the ‘elephants’.​ We adopt an ecological approach, involving individual, inter-personal, systemic, structural, and cultural dimensions.

Image by James Hammond