Creatively Transforming Workplace Conflict

Our purpose is to support individuals and organisations to envision and engage in improving work cultures.


​We apply creative conflict transformation techniques as a means to navigate difficult conversations in contemporary work environments.

The 'elephants' will typically differ from workplace to workplace. Issues currently being addressed by Elephant In Our Room include: 

workplace culture

unconscious bias

leadership issues

silos & the silo mentality

respectful behaviour

diversity & inclusion  

staff engagement

equity issues

mental health & wellbeing

inter-generational workforce


Our Elephant In Our Room workshop is at the heart of our work. The three modules are designed to create the dynamic environment to identity, address, and transform workplace 'elephants'. Through our scaffolding approach, participants are enabled to safely step beyond their comfort zone and engage in the difficult conversations through the series of creative workshop exercises. Participants will develop confidence and skills in critical thinking, communication, and facilitation.

Module 1- Identify the Elephant

Our 'identify' workshop brings the 'elephant in the room' metaphor to life. Through a series of play-based exercises, we unpack the issues and dilemmas facing us and our organisations.

We will:

  • re-ignite our creativity through play

  • identify causes of 'difficult conversations'

  • examine identity and power

  • explore workplace dynamic

  • gain reflexive conversation skills

Module 2 - Address the Elephant

The 'address' module draws on our ecological framework for critical analysis. Using drama techniques, we introduce dialogue methods to address the multilayered workplace dilemmas.

We will:

  • apply ecological model

  • map workplace conflict

  • differentiate between conflict and ethical dilemma

  • practice constructive dialogue through drama techniques 

Module 3 - Transform the Elephant


The 'transform' session focuses on the shifts. Using conflict transformation model, participants will co-created action plans and indicators for a long-term sustainable change.


We will:

  • shift from conflict management to conflict transformation mindsets

  • master conflict transformation methods 

  • gain empathic communication skills

  • develop actions and strategies for positive change  

The Elephant In Our Room workshop can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation, from half-day to one-day in-house workshop available, or participants can join our series of full three-day workshops. Contact us to find out how we can assist you.

Public Speaking

Engage EIOR for public speaking at conferences and seminars or to facilitate a 'taster' workshop at your organisation events.


Our talks bring new insights into workplace conflict transformation as we discuss the phenomena of the "elephant in the room" in contemporary workplaces, drawing on our unique experience in creative practice in developing peace and conflict.


Book our 2-hour “taster” at your organisations, conferences and events. Our approaches draw on play and metaphors to encourage participation in creative conflict transformation activities. Through our dynamic, fun process, we stimulate growth mindsets, push boundaries and explore new horizons, providing new innovative ideas and capacities to apply in the workplace.

Coaching & Mediation

Our conflict coaching service offers confidential sessions to help you deepen, widen and lengthen your perspectives to navigate workplace dilemma. Our coaches help you to identify new and existing creative resources to engage in difficult conversations. Together, we explore creative approaches to engage reflection. We explore new horizons to participate in conversations larger than yourself. 


If you are in a workplace dispute, contact us to find out about our non-litigious and non-adversarial mediation services. Our accredited and experienced mediators offer neutral and confidential sessions that foster openness and understanding through dialogue. We can Skype, phone and meet in person.

Consulting & Research

Our consultancy and research focus on promoting creativity, inclusion and participation in workplaces through identifying the whole-of-organisational wellbeing needs through research projects and evaluation.


Our team has a history of academic and organisational research practice in various contexts and draws on creative research methodologies. Beyond reviewing the policy context, we undertake data analysis and stakeholder consultation. This process ensures that the chosen priorities and processes reflect the evidence, the voices of the stakeholders, and are framed by the broader policy context.

Dialogue Theatre

Engage our ensemble of skilled actors for a dialogue theatre event in your workplace. Our performances create a safe space to engage in the difficult conversations around workplace conflict.


Our dialogue theatre performances involve a 15-minute play and an engaged dialogue of between 1 and 2 hours. The facilitated dialogue enable audience members to unpack the workplace issues through the performative conversation with the characters, stimulating positive and innovative ideas for change. 

Let's start the conversation.